Another first by Salaam Takaful Limited, Pay-As-You-Drive is a tech-based takaful coverage that tracks and records the vehicle’s mileage and contribution payment is done every month based on the number of recorded driven kilometers. If you're spending less time behind the wheel, then you are definitely paying too much for your car coverage. With Pay As You Drive enjoy all the benefits of comprehensive car takaful without paying the whole contribution up front, only pay based on your used kilometers, and that too with a daily use capping. As in, you will never be charged extra even if you drive more than the stipulated kilometers.
  • Burglary and housebreaking or theft / snatch
  • Fire & external explosion, self-ignition or lightning or frost.
  • Risk while in transit by air, road, rail, inland waterway, lift, or elevator.
  • Riot and strike damage.
  • Any natural incident (Earthquake, Flood, etc.)
  • Risk of terrorism.
  • Third-Party Liability.
  • Malicious Act.
  • Free consultation with our own Salaam Virtual Clinic doctors, exclusive discounts on labs, pharmacies and much more
  • Additional vehicle information related features and benefits telematics device and its app
  • Easy payment options

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