Your home is your valuable investment which provides room and safety for growth, dreams and hope along with a sense of belonging. Protect your home and your precious belongings from unfortunate events like Burglary/theft, earthquakes, a fire, etc

This policy covers your home’s building structure and its content including Jewelry and other Monetary valuables against the major risks, specified below:
  • Fire, Lightning and Explosion
  • Riot & Strike
  • Malicious Damage
  • Impact Damage
  • Atmospheric Disturbance
  • Aircraft Damage
  • Burglary
  • Earthquake, Storm, Tempest and Flood
  • Accidental Damage to underground tanks, pipes and electrical cables
  • Loss of Rent
  • Additional Coverage: Debris Removal
  • Covers your belongings along with the structure of your home
  • Ideal for tenants, homeowners and landlords
  • Ideal for Bungalow, Studio as well as apartments
  • No time-consuming documentation or underwriting processes
  • Available online just a few clicks away
  • Service at your doorstep
  • Fast claim lodging and claim settlement processes
  • The burden of proving the loss, damage and liability shall be borne by the covered individual
  • The covered person shall immediately notify the police in case of burglary
  • Mysterious disappearances of belongings is not covered herein
  • Damage by wars, invasions, or acts of foreign enemy is not covered herein
  • Prize bonds, Alcoholic items and other Non-Shariah compliant items are not covered herein

As the owner, your landlord will be responsible for the maintenance of the building, so it’s down to them to ensure their building structure is protected with Home Takaful.

But you’re responsible for any contents inside that you own. If anything were to happen to your possessions, you would be liable for the cost of replacing them if you didn't have a Home Takaful Coverage. As a renter, you might be interested in our silver plan as it only covers home contents.

Salaam Household Takaful has been exclusively designed to provide comprehensive cover for your building structure and contents. Not only this, the exclusive design of this product also covers you for loss of rent and monetary valuables.

Salaam Household Takaful plans covers your home against:

✓ Armed robbery, burglary, house breaking

✓ Earthquake

✓ Flood, Tempest or Storm

✓ Riot & Strike Damage

✓ Malicious Act

✓ Fire & Lightening

✓ Explosion

✓ Burglary

✓ Third Party Cover

✓ Aircraft and other aerial devices or articles dropped therefrom

✓ Bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipes

Since Salaam Household Takaful has been designed in such a way that you can build the coverage for limits as per your desire, you get the option of following to choose from:

1. Building Structure: Limit range available to choose from Rs. 1,000,000

2. Contents in Home: Limit range available to choose from Rs. 500,000

The contributions directly depend on the level of limits selected and whether only Contents or both the content and building covers have been opted for. Salaam Household Takaful is available for contribution starting from as low as Rs. 6,500 per annum.

This is an annual policy you will be covered for a year (365 days).

Home structure means building of your home, built of bricks & stones.

Simply click on the Get Takaful tab under Salaam Household Takaful Product, select your required limits and coverages such as Building, Contents, etc. Once you have designed your required plan, you will be requested for your details as well as payment and delivery options and you are done.

No, we do not require any surveyor authentication to issue a Salaam Household Takaful Policy. You simply have to provide your personal details and your property details to enroll.

If you are living in a rental property only your home contents (owned by you) will be covered the building & structure will not be covered in your policy.

Home Contents including household goods and personal belongings. Such as:

✓ Electronic appliances

✓ Personal Computers

✓ Phone sets

✓ Furniture & fixtures

✓ Upholstery carpets

✓ Dinnerware & crockery

✓ Kitchen Appliances (refrigerator & deep freezer)

✓ Apparel

✓ Personal effects

Jewelry including (Gold Sets, Diamond Sets, Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Bangles) & High

value watches, designer accessories which exceeds amount of Rs. 50,000.

Jewelry is covered in the following situations:

✓ At Home

✓ Specified Safe deposit Locker

✓ Transit between Home & Locker

✓ In transit up to 25% of the total limit

✓ Cash includes any currency

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